CONGRATULATIONS to the SCREENPLAYS ACCEPTED into this year’s FINALIST ROUNDS. FIRST and SECOND ROUND FINALISTS Will be announced during the Month of November

Thank You All and Good Luck!”

The WriteRoom.Org Selection Committee 2017 /18


2492  by Stephen Minto

Abuse  by freddy sanchez

A conversation with Roosevelt  by Vadim Kukharev

Angels of Deception by Carol Spearman

Arvin Lindemeyer Takes Canarsie by D Ferrara

A War On Terror by Peter Haig

Books, Beds and Baths by Anthony Marinelli

BROKEN SPIRITS by Elizabeth Allen

Castle Thunder  by Nicholas Nathaniel

Coyote and the Dust-devil by Jonah Jones

Dead Woman Walking by Gregory Brehm

Del At Any Size by Maria Gigante

Divorce by Micol Pallucca

DON’T CALL ME SIR!  by Bo Svenson

Double Edged Sword  by Suzanne Nichols

Dukkha by Rachana Suri

East Side Girl  by MAx Segal

EDELWEISS  by Rosemary Griggs

Fateful by lindsay lucas-bartlett

Flames of Fury by Gloria Yazdani

For Elise by Bill Gammon 

From Natural Causes by Martin Blinder

Her Story by Kim Cameron

HOWLER by Sydney Smith

If You Wait  by Nicole Harris

Inhumane Society  by Richard Herstek

JACK AND THE BOX STORE by Heidi FitzGerald

Jan Air by Wendy Stetson

Janet Leslie  by Steven Berry

Love All!  by Martin Yewchuk

Memeloose-D6 by E.F. Winters

mercy awaits may 17  by martha hamilton

Mrs. Arnold’s War  by Martin Blinder

Multilevel Neighbors  by David Horton

Nila  by Eric A. Vasallo

Now Showing by Amy L. Moreland

OIL AND WATER  by Alfred Thomas Catalfo

One Of Them  by Allyson Olivia

Only Words by Kathy Aspden

Phil.  by Marissa Lessman

Quill by Edward Hicklin

Real True Crime by Carrie Siggins 

Retribution, Texas John Redlinger

Secret SkinAndrew Gilchrist

Sorrel  by Robert Kornhiser

SUCCESS EN TU LIFE  by Isabel Custer

Summer Ends by Melissa McCann

Swoon by Carrie Siggins

The Cat’s Silhouette  by Nicholas Chan

The Donor by Scott Hartman

The Judith Kiss by Mirella Nappi

The Long Winter  by Michael E. Pitts

The Miskids by Wendy J.N. Lee

The Oldest Soldier  by William Tracy

The Operation (by Robert Gokay

The Painter (by Carrie Hagen

The player blackjack  by SERGIU VALCU


The Provinces by Sinan Cevik

The Rosy Hue Of The Dying Day by Lauren Hoekstra

The Volunteer  by Luke Melia

They Wore Black  by James Oliva

Things To Do Before Leaving by James Byrne

TITLE IX  by Ann Welhaf

Unlove by rebecca cromar

“Wanting a Soulmate, Finding a Shepard”  by Michael McCorkle

Where the Buffalo Roam  by Carly Hebert

Wrapped in Sweaters  by Megan Cordero

Yesterlife by Kristin Wallace