‘The Good Doctor’ Leads Live+3 Monday Gains, Followed By ‘Young Sheldon’, ‘BBT’

Following an impressive Live+same day debut, ABC’s new medical drama The Good Doctor, from House creator David Shore and executive producer Daniel Dae Kim, was even more impressive in its Live+3 delivery.
After three days of playback, The Good Doctor‘s L+SD viewership increased by +5.5 million viewers (from 11.4 million to 16.9 million, +48%). That was the second largest absolute gain for a broadcast series premiere ever, behind only ABC’s How To Get Away with Murder
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Joe Scarborough Says President “Hiding At A Country Club”; Other Scathing Responses To Trump’s Puerto Rico Tweets

President Donald Trump’s self-pitying, finger-pointing series of tweets this morning accusing San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz of “poor leadership” and being “nasty to Trump” have drawn even harsher-than-usual criticism from Beltway pundits and Hollywood/New York celebrities.
“Poor leadership would be hiding at a country club golfing while fellow Americans are suffering and dying,” tweeted Morning Joe‘s Joe Scarborough. Said Hamilton playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, “You’re…
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Film Review: Vitamins for Life (short film) (2017)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: An educational film about some lesser known vitamins. REVIEW: Hey kids! More short films for ya! Today we have VITAMINS FOR LIFE, a short film from Video Mass , written by T.R. Darling and directed by Grier Dill. Video Mass is an artists collective of “DIY filmmakers”, basically a group of …

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‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ Off To Modest Ratings Start, ‘The Exorcist’ Hits Low In Return

Snapshot: New series premieres: ABC’ Marvel’s Inhumans (0.9 in 18-49, 3.8 million); Returning series all down, The Exorcist his series low. 
The Marvel brand helped draw eyeballs to ABC’s Marvel’s Inhumans. Despite being one of the worst reviewed series in recent memory and following a limited IMAX theatrical release, the two-hour premiere of Inhumans posted a decent by Friday standards 0.9 rating in adults 18-49 Live+same day and 3.8 million total viewers. That was well…
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What a Great Logline Looks Like: September 2017 Edition

The September Logline Competition results are in! Check out these great examples of how to write a logline:


Our winner is Callum Ramsay with his logline for PLAN C, a comedy:

Desperate to continue his extravagant lifestyle, a broke, washed-up crime writer enlists his crazy-yet-well-mannered stalker to help him recreate a bank robbery from his only best-selling book.”

This is easy to imagine as a big summer release. The idea is high concept, original, and clearly comedic. We’d go see this movie!

About Callum (callum_ramsay@yahoo.co.uk)

Callum Ramsay lives in Perth Australia where he works as a high-pressure water blaster on offshore oil and gas platforms. Callum is currently taking a professional script writing course with two assessments left before completion. He hopes to start writing scripts as a career in the near future.


First, we have Morgan Lietz with his logline for SINS OF OUR MOTHERS, a dramedy:

“A few weeks before the biggest hit of his career, an introverted contract killer begrudgingly lets his estranged, dying mother move in, forcing him to keep his secrets–and bodies–buried.”

This one harks back to other classic comedies about killers, but it brings something new to the table. Another great, simple idea that’s easy to imagine on the big screen.

About Morgan (lietznm@gmail.com)

Morgan Lietz is a 22-year-old undergrad student from southern California with a deep passion for writing, partly due to the fact that his brain was unable to fully compute math and sciences post-twelfth grade. Morgan is still an amateur within the field of screenwriting, but he hopes that his continued practice of writing (combined with hundreds of hours of memorized film quotes circling around his brain) will one day help him succeed in creating a full feature film.

Next, we have Simon Chapman with his logline for REDUX, an hour sci-fi pilot:

“A disillusioned priest discovers an alien spacecraft capable of altering reality and uses it to impose his vision of paradise on the world, but the unintended consequences of his “fixes” give rise to a deadly government manhunt for this unwanted savior.

This feels fresh, timely, and full of possibility. This logline manages to pack in quite a bit of plot and character. It feels like a whole story world, which is perfect for TV.

About Simon (crayoncreative@hushmail.com)

Based in Sydney, Australia, Simon Christopher Chapman is a Communications post-graduate who worked for five years at the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra before pursuing a career in acting and writing. He has written and produced several short films and is currently writing a children’s book and feature film screenplay.

The October Logline Competition is now open! We have wonderful prizes from Script Pipeline, Virtual Pitchfest, WeScreenplay, The Hollywood Pitching Bible, and Talentville. Get your loglines in for detailed feedback and a chance at great prizes.

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Film Review: The Wolf Man (1941)

Rate This MovieSYNOPSIS: “Upon the death of his brother, Larry Talbot returns from America to his ancestral home in Wales. He visits a gypsy camp with village girl Jenny Williams, who is attacked by Bela, a gypsy who has turned into a werewolf. Larry kills the werewolf but is bitten during the fight. Bela’s mother …

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Donald Trump Spreads Blame In Hurricane Response: “Fake News,” San Juan Mayor & Puerto Ricans

President Donald Trump, caught up short by the widely televised criticisms of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, went on one of his now-standard weekend twitter rants, accusing Cruz of “poor leadership” and others on the hurricane-devastated island who “want everything to be done for them.”
From his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, the president also lashed out at his usual targets: CNN, NBC, “fake news” and Democrats. (See the tweets below.)
“The Fake News Networks…
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Film Review: Junkie (2012)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: When Danny wakes up one day to realize his world has hit rock bottom he makes a vow to come clean of his addictive lifestyle. One obstacle presents itself after another, namely his brother Nicky who will stop at nothing to ensure they get their next fix. REVIEW: Directed By: Adam …

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Film Review: Blood Hook (1986)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: A mysterious killer is going around taking people out with a fishing pole with a huge hook attached to it during a fishing contest. REVIEW: I first saw Blood Hook back in 1987 when my mom and I rented it from our local video store and I thought that it was …

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Blu-ray Review: Curtains

Rate This MovieHave you ever wanted sometime sooo badly you would do anything for it?  Well for me, I have wanted Curtains (1983) on DVD and Blu-ray for years. I own a 35mm print of this film, and I’ve seen it projected three times since 1998. The image looks very similar to the VHS Vestron …

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