Film Review: Hellraiser in 30 Seconds (short film) (2010)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Hellraiser in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies REVIEW: More short films, kids! My selection today is a little different – HELLRAISER IN 30 SECONDS (AND PERFORMED BY BUNNIES). Yup, you read that correctly. This is part of the now legendary “30 Second Theater” series from Angry Alien Productions, which is a …

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Tom Cruise’s ‘American Made’ Trying To Break Three-Way $16M+ No. 1 Tie…But Is That Worth Celebrating?

Updated, Friday 11:57 PM: Refresh for chart Don’t count Tom Cruise’s American Made out yet. No thanks to an unexpected slowdown in the weekend box office, the Universal/Cross Creek title is trying to elbow its way into first place, possibly upsetting 20th Century Fox/MARV’s second weekend hold with Kingsman: The Golden Circle and pushing away New Line/Warner Bros’ It to third. 
Essentially, as of this minute, it’s arguably a three-way tie per industry estimates, with Golde…
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Film Review: Pelt (2010)

Rate This Movie  SYNOPSIS: A group of friends on a camping trip make a huge mistake when they decide to ignore the “Private Property” signs (when will people ever learn?) and trespass onto an area of woods in the middle of nowhere. They soon regret their decision however as the creepy, backwoods guy who lives …

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Film Review: Creature Feature (2015)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Creature Feature is five interwoven tales of terror that occur one foggy Halloween night in Georgia. A babysitter learns a new appreciation for fine art and hard lesson about the consequences of being irresponsible…and naughty!; a group of college kids stumble on the mother of all Scarecrows; two teenagers are forced …

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Bill Maher’s Russia Yarn: ‘Real Time’ Host Plays Poirot To Reveal Whodunit

Bill Maher took a CSI approach to the Russia investigation tonight, mocking up one of those bulletin boards with photos and yarn and connect-the-dots explanations, all to unmask the culprit behind a global conspiracy: Donald Trump’s infamous fat guy in bed.
Three guesses on the big guy’s identity, and anyone not the president doesn’t count. (Take a look at the evidence below.)
The Poirot-like reveal came during the weekly New Rules segment at the end of tonight’s Real Time…
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‘Blue Bloods’ Twist: Cast Member Exits In Season 8 Premiere Of CBS Drama Series

Spoiler Alert: The story includes details about the Season 8 premiere of CBSBlue Bloods
CBS’ veteran drama series Blue Bloods is down a Reagan.
In a surprising twist, it was revealed during the Season 8 premiere of the cop family drama that NYPD Detective Danny Reagan’s (Donnie Wahlberg) wife Linda, an ER nurse, had died in a helicopter crash while on the job.
That marked the exit from the show of Amy Carlson, who played Linda since the pilot. She was recurring the…
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Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints Will Stand For National Anthem On Sunday

What players will do during the national anthem this week has become as big a part of NFL games as who will win. Today, a key player from the Dallas Cowboys said his team will stand with hands over hearts, while the New Orleans Saints quarterback indicated they will kneel as a team before the anthem and then stand together during the song.
A report in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram quotes Dallas receiver Dez Bryant saying the team will not be doing any more anthem…
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‘Thursday Night Football’ Opener Snags 14.6M TV Viewers, Steady With 2016 – Update

UPDATE, 5:19 PM: The Green Bay Packers’ victory over the Chicago Bears last night on Thursday Night Football marked the second win in a row for the Wisconsin team.  But the season opener of TNF on CBS and the NFL Network also saw another viewership decline for the broadcaster and the league.
Having dropped 13% in the early metered market results from the 2016 opener, the final numbers proved a bit an improvement in an already gridiron-ratings-challenged environment. In…
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‘The Partner’ Drama Based On John Grisham Novel Set At Fox With Penalty

John Grisham’s best-selling 1997 legal thriller novel The Partner is headed to television as a drama series project at Fox from writer Jon Cowan (Suits, Private Practice), Davis Entertainment (The Blacklist), and Sony Pictures TV Studios.
The Partner, which has received a script commitment with penalty from the network, is a David vs. Goliath story about a betrayed lawyer. He was once a well-liked, well-paid young partner in a thriving Mississippi law firm. Then he stole…
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