Stephen Colbert Pounds Donald Trump Over Puerto Rico Visit

President Donald Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday was a gift for late-night comics. Stephen Colbert accepted it.
While there, for instance, he made clear how much he loves Puerto Rico, telling locals he loves the place he only recently seems to have learned is an island, telling them their weather is “second to none, but every once in a while you get hit. And you got hit.”
That’s “Trumpsplaining” at its best, Colbert snarked.
POTUS also addressed the devastation…
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Stephen Colbert Tops Total Viewers In Premiere Week; Jimmy Fallon Snags Demo

Stephen Colbert’s won Premiere Week with an average of 3.02 million viewers – 43K viewers better than last season’s Premiere Week performance for the CBS late-night show. NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon logged 2.54M viewers this past Premiere Week, and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live clocked 2.30M. Helping push Colbert over the top, Friday’s visit with Jerry Seinfeld had logged 3.24M viewers.
Jimmy Fallon took the week in the demo, with his best 18-49 showing since the…
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Conan Aghast Late-Night Hosts Have Files Of Their Remarks After Mass Shootings: ‘When Did That Become Normal?’

Conan O’Brien, a late-night host more than 24 years, opened Monday’s show remarking that when he started it was practically unheard of a comedy host to need to come out and address a mass shooting. Monday morning, he said, when he got to work his head writer presented him with a file on remarks he has previously made, after the mass murders in Sandy Hook and Orlando, etc, in case he wanted to see them before deciding what to say that night.
“How could there be a file of…
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Trevor Noah: ‘I Have Never Been To A Country Where People So Afraid To Speak About Guns’

Trevor Noah opened The Daily Show hours after the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, pointing out that in the two years he has lived in the U.S.  there have been 20 mass shootings here. And, every time, it plays out the same: “We’re shocked, we’re sad, thoughts and prayers, and then, almost on cue, people are going to come out and say ‘Whatever you do, when speaking about the shootings, don’t talk about guns’”  Noah said.
He played clip of White House Press…
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‘SNL’ Sketches: Big Chickens, Gabby Fliplets & Another Close Encounter

A silly chicken routine, a Pizza Hut hoax and a spot-on rip in HGTV’s programming fabric made for a welcome-back set of Saturday Night Live sketches last night, as the show returned for its 43rd season.
With guest host Ryan Gosling game to go, last night’s roster of live skits kept apace, slipping only a bit towards the end with “Dive Bar,” a standard Kenan Thompson affair in which the longtime cast member plays a singer whose verbal onstage ramblings get too personal for…
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Ryan Gosling Goes La-La For Monologue & Freaks Over ‘Avatar’ Font – ‘SNL’ Highlights

Saturday Night Live made yet another fine casting choice last night, though it had nothing to do with political doppelgangers (though there was plenty of that too). Lorne Michael’s wisest move of the just-beginning season 43 was hiring the ever amenable Ryan Gosling as its first host. With Blade Runner 2049 about to drop, the heat-seeking Gosling was an obvious catch, and his ease on the SNL stage guided the cast-shaken series through any first-night jitters.
Ok, so maybe…
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‘SNL’: Alec Baldwin’s Trump Hangs Up On “So Nasty” San Juan Mayor

Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump kicked off Saturday Night Live by hanging up on the pleading mayor of San Juan. “That woman was so nasty,” said Baldwin, using one of Trump’s favorite insults. (See a short clip below).
SNL doesn’t seem to have lost any of its political snap as it starts it 43rd season with a sketch as current as today’s presidential tweets. With featured (and underutilized) player Melissa Villaseñor as Carmen Yulín Cruz, SNL‘s cold open had a polo-shirted…
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Bill Maher’s Russia Yarn: ‘Real Time’ Host Plays Poirot To Reveal Whodunit

Bill Maher took a CSI approach to the Russia investigation tonight, mocking up one of those bulletin boards with photos and yarn and connect-the-dots explanations, all to unmask the culprit behind a global conspiracy: Donald Trump’s infamous fat guy in bed.
Three guesses on the big guy’s identity, and anyone not the president doesn’t count. (Take a look at the evidence below.)
The Poirot-like reveal came during the weekly New Rules segment at the end of tonight’s Real Time…
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Bill Maher: What If “Madman” Trump’s Crazy Nuke Threats Work? Nah…

Playing someone’s advocate, Real Time‘s Bill Maher wondered aloud tonight whether President Donald Trump‘s nuke-threatening bluster against North Korea’s Kim Jong-un might, well, work.
“If by working,” answered CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, “you mean North Korea de-nuclearizing, I would give him the Nobel Prize. But I think that is highly, highly, highly unlikely.”
The HBO host didn’t press his original point.
“He’s incentivizing their hawkishness,” said presidential historian Jon…
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‘SNL’: Jimmy Fallon Is Jared Kushner To Baldwin’s Trump; Melissa McCarthy As Easter Spicey

Update with video Melissa McCarthy paid an Easter visit to SNL, reprising her Sean Spicer, this time in an Easter Bunny costume just as the real Spicer did during the George W. Bush days. McCarthy’s belligerent Spicer once again addressed the press, trying to make amends for that “Holocaust Centers” snafu by talking about “Concentration Clubs.”
Wishing everyone a Happy Easter, McCarthy rode off in a mobile egg. “Spicey’s gotta hippity hop,” she said, “cos this is probably…
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