Stephen Colbert Pounds Donald Trump Over Puerto Rico Visit

President Donald Trump’s visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday was a gift for late-night comics. Stephen Colbert accepted it.
While there, for instance, he made clear how much he loves Puerto Rico, telling locals he loves the place he only recently seems to have learned is an island, telling them their weather is “second to none, but every once in a while you get hit. And you got hit.”
That’s “Trumpsplaining” at its best, Colbert snarked.
POTUS also addressed the devastation…
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Stephen Colbert Tops Total Viewers In Premiere Week; Jimmy Fallon Snags Demo

Stephen Colbert’s won Premiere Week with an average of 3.02 million viewers – 43K viewers better than last season’s Premiere Week performance for the CBS late-night show. NBC’s Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon logged 2.54M viewers this past Premiere Week, and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live clocked 2.30M. Helping push Colbert over the top, Friday’s visit with Jerry Seinfeld had logged 3.24M viewers.
Jimmy Fallon took the week in the demo, with his best 18-49 showing since the…
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Stephen Colbert’s Awkward Photo Campaign For Hurricane Victims Snaps John Oliver, Judd Apatow, Others

Refresh for updates. In a time when people in power, particularly in the U.S. should be reaching out and helping Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in the wake of devastation left by Hurricane Irma and Maria instead of tweeting negativity, many are stepping up and doing what they can for relief — including celebrities. Many are using their platform to send money and aid. Jennifer Lopez donated $1 million and continues to support while Beyonce lent her voice to a remix of J…
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