Donald Trump Tweet-tacks NBC News After Comforting Las Vegas Shooting Victims

The morning after Teleprompter Trump got high marks for sticking to script while visiting mass-shooting victims and first responders in Las Vegas, President Donald Trump stepped on that Comforter-in-Chief storyline, launching a Twitter attack on NBC News.
Trump denied NBC News’s report his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had mulled resigning over the summer and called POTUS a moron after a Pentagon meeting. NYT’s Trump-whisperer Maggie Haberman told TV news this morning…
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Hollywood Remembers Tom Petty: Paul McCartney, Cameron Crowe Honor The Music Icon

Refresh for updates. Music legend Tom Petty died today at the age of 66 after suffering from cardiac arrest. Initially, there was confusion about Petty’s status after numerous reports came out saying that he had died. The news was later debunked and it was reported that he would not live through the day. Even so, actors, writers, and directors wasted no time in taking to social media to send their thoughts while he was in the hospital and after the official announcement…
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Google To Offer Security Upgrades To High-Profile Executives

Google plans on offering a new security program that will offer high-profile executives an upgrade from the standard protections on Gmail and Google Drive. The new service, called the Advanced Protection Program, will use physical USB security keys that add protection beyond two-part email authentication. It will also restrict the third-party apps and services that can connect to a Google account.
While not fool-proof and, as of now, limited to Google services, the…
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Donald Trump Tweets “Big Decisions” Ahead In Cost Of Rebuilding Puerto Rico

After getting thumped for spitting out a mountain of tweets about his NFL battle – as opposed to the anthill on Puerto Rico – President Donald Trump scrambled this morning to catch up.
His output included a congratulatory retweet about his inaugural committee donating $3M to island relief, and a boast that “Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello just stated: ‘The Administration and the President, every time we’ve spoken, they’ve delivered.’”
Thursday night, Rossello told…
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