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ROOM BOARD & WRiTE: WORK SHOP SERIESwoman-with-lap-top

is a continuous program.

How To Write A Screenplay In 28 Days

is offered three times a year.

All classes/Workshops incur an admittance fee.

Portions of all collected fees are used to support our

NonProfit: Residency Retreat For Women.

which is is offered three times a year.

We give you the space, the harmony, the bed, the encouragement. You write. Treat this like an extended holiday. But go home with more than a tan. Go home with a novel outlined, that final chapter completed or a notepad full of notes. We are here to support your creativity … not judge it. Cost includes lodging, meals and voluntary sight seeing invitations.


pink-typewriter-2017-1A new webinar taught by AFI Screenwriting Alum Geretta Giancarlo; Director, Writer, Actress.

Meet online once a week to learn the next “step”, and have a week to complete it!

No more than 10 other students in the course at a time!

Ms. Giancarlo has successfully taught this course around the world; Belfast, London, Los Angeles.

A $50 – $100 deposit will get you registered.

Isn’t it time you got that idea from your head to the page?

Past Classes